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Software Development

Qmea develops traditional desktop, web and mobile software. We use agile methods to ensure transparent communication and schedule optimization. We always choose the right tools for your project - from scratch, open source frameworks or Microsoft tools.

Agile Methods

We love agile methods. For client they mean lower costs, easier bureaucracy, working prototypes and better communication.


Besides coding, the software development process consists of design, usability, graphic design, documentation and continuos integration. Our successful process ensures that all these are included in the end of every 2-week period (sprint). We love clean documented code, great frontend usability and high class appereance and sound.

Web Applications

We deliver web applications with open source platforms or from scratch. If you are interested in e-commerce, business data application or a marketing game for global delivery, we are ready for it. We are familiar with php frameworks like Yii and cloud application platforms like Google App Engine and Heroku.


We design interactive 2D and 3D graphics applications with HTML5 canvas element. HTML5 is replacing Flash and it works in most mobile browsers. HTML5 applications can also easily be converted to native iPhone, Android and Windows 8 applications. HTML5 programming and architecture is our core business.

WebGL - the future of browsing

WebGL is OpenGL ES based solution for GPU accelerated 3D graphics directly in browser. It utilizes the HTML5 canvas element. We can build great looking 3D web applications with WebGL and the code will be re-usable in native OpenGL platforms like iPhone, iPad and Android.

Mobile and tablet applications

We deliver software for all mobile and tablet platforms. Tablets are getting more popular and mobile phones gain more and more performance. Mobile software is a good addition to service portfolio of any modern business and can't be overlooked. We can offer mobile software which is usable without internet connection or software which utilizes existing servers for content. If needed, we can also build the server backend for the software. Social media integrations and more specific server-side integrations (SAP, AD) are also possible.

Cloud Services

Modern business can outsource all server maintenance using cloud services. We can help you to choose a suitable cloud computing strategy for your business. We have knowledge of global cloud services like Amazon EC2 and Microsoft Azure and smaller scale Finnish cloud services. We can also build software straight to the cloud servers or move your existing applications to cloud delivery. We have Finnish cloud partners to ensure good response times and service in Finland.

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