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Why Qmea?

Qmea is a mix of software company and marketing agency. Our core business is web design, graphic design, software development and mobile software. We have a wide it system knowledge, which helps us to integrate social media, identity management or web services to our design.

Software companies do not always have adequate design capabilities and marketing agencies lack knowledge of it systems or web security. Qmea offers all this in one contact point, which is easy, cost-effective and provides high quality for customers.

Quickly developed web applications, marketing campaigns or social media integrations may lead to security threats. When identity management and trusted business data are also involved, it system knowledge plays very important role. If projects are split to several suppliers or marketing agency uses subcontractors, information security is compromised. Qmea develops everything in-house by well-planned secure process and thus your information is safe with us!

Qmea offers trustworthy service mix, so don't hesitate to contact us.