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Project Management

Our efficient and agile project management helps us to serve quality in schedule. We know the pros and cons of the traditional enterprise project methods and agile methods like scrum and kanban.

Project Management

Qmea offers excellent project management for every project. Projects are operated in close co-operation with customers to ensure the right direction. Before project begins, we make good planning with the client involving business needs, stakeholders, expectations and risks. Our project models take account of putting the project into practise and process integrations after the project is finished.

project manager

Professional Project Manager

Qmea offers professional project manager for every project for customer contact person. Customer satisfaction is the most important factor in our projects and thus we spend a lot effort to communicate with clients and design suitable project entities for each customer. Qmea projects mean frequent communication and reporting delivering high-class service in schedule.

After the Project

Process integration, comprehensive documentation after project is as important as successful project. We can offer process consultation, roadmaps for the future and service design for customer understanding and strategy consulting for digital services. Good scheluding and limiting is key to project success, so we recommend clients to split projects to phases or sub-projects if necessary.

Flexible project management

Qmea utilizes many different project models depending on project scale and type. We are successful with urgent projects or extensive long-term projects with service design and integrations.

Project Methods

We choose the suitable project method for each project. In software development we prefer agile methods with short sprints and continuous integration. With agile methods we can deliver working software for testing and client validation after every sprint and we can change the direction if client has a new wishlist or changes in budget.
In extensive and complex projects we utilize our own Qmea Enterprise Project Management model, which combines best parts of agile methods, service design and ITIL. With our model, customer satisfaction and right direction are made part of the project.

Agile Software Development

Agile Methods

An important part of our project toolbox are agile methods like scrum and kanban. Agile methods simplify priority control, change management, communication, monitoring and controlling. Design, changes and testing are being made through the project and not in separate blocks. Agile methods work best in projects with no easily described goal or in projects with tight timebox. Creative team work is best done with agile methods, because of the self-directing team scheme. In many case the traditional project preparation still can't be overlooked and thus we also offer combination of agile and traditional project methods. We can use waterfall model for customer reporting and agile methods internally.

We offer education in agile methods if customer is not familiar with the concept. Agile methods can be successfully utilized outside software projects and they offer interesting viewpoints for traditional project managers. Contact us for education packages!

Service Design

We use service design to guide us through complex projects involving customer insight. Service design is a good toolset for integrating digital domain, business value and customer understanding. Important parts in service design process are customer insight, concepts, prototypes and analytics. Our core business is digital service delivery, but with our partners we can also deliver high quality multi-channel service design.

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