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Outstanding photography is the right way to get your message through and create conception. Our professional photographers are ready to fulfill your business needs. We have wide experience consisting of portraits, product photography and event photography. Digital photo editing is always included in the price and we can also offer photo manipulation and graphic design with the photos. We also have a large selection of exclusive stock photos for your needs.

Sound Design


Our sound design professionals have a broad experience of movie and game sounds. We can provide high end sound by live recording or fully synthetic material for lower budget productions. Our network of professional musicians ensures high quality. Game sound and music involving unlinear sound, random variation, immersion and tools like FMOD and Wwyse is our speciality.

Music Branding

The research states that customers prefer the brand with music suiting their identity by large margin (96%). That's why a modern company has to choose a suitable auditive brand for their customer segment. Qmea can help you to define the auditive brand, contact points for audio, sound logotype and suitable music assortment. We can also analyze the ROI of the audio branding.

Graphic Design

Web Design

Graphic design is an important topic in web design. Our graphic designers are experienced with responsive design and web technology, so we can deliver the best quality and user experience for websites.

Branding Design

We can deliver high class branding for your company or product including logo, website, photography, business cards and auditive brand. Our professional graphic designers offer you several variations to choose from to ensure satisfying results.


We can spice up your brand with high quality vector graphics and 3d renders or even 3D animation and interactive HTML5 visualizations. Visualize your products, architecture or processes with our service.


Video is the greatest tool in modern marketing. Qmea provides you with professional quality advertising videos or HTML5/3D animations. Our partner directors have experience in documentary and music videos also. Our video production service includes scripting, music composition, direction, editing and we'll deliver final video for you in the right format. We use full HD resolution cameras at minimum. When the video is ready, we additionally help to position it in internet, social media and search engines for wider audience.

Iceberg Shadow

We co-operate with Illume Oy, which produced document movie Iceberg Shadow. The movie by Antti Seppänen was published in 2009 and it has been seen in Finnish television and documentary festivals all over the world. Qmea did music composition and recording for the movie.