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Digital Agency

Web Design

We design modern and fresh looking websites with the newest web technologies. We deploy graceful degradation technic to ensure perfect functionality with event older browsers.

We always code clean HTML and have strict technical guidelines for website production. This ensures the best on-site search engine optimization and easy maintenance of the site. We use responsive design for great and usable mobile service.

Graphic Design

The web design begins with content analyzation and graphic design. When we have concept for the content, the graphic design is approved by the client. We use agile methodologies to ensure that the site development is going to the right direction. Our graphic design guidelines take account of usability and web media optimization.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a really important part of web design. We always deliver pages with SEO in mind. We can also help you to boost your search engine rankings. When the website is done well with SEO on mind, an ongoing SEO process is the best way to keep your ranking high. We'll help you to create the SEO process and analyze the results.


We always optimize the website performance. For clients this means faster loading pages, better conversion and less server costs.

Responsize Design

Responsive design mofidies the same content for different screen sizes. By using responsize design, separate mobile pages are not needed any more and the site offers better experience and conversion for mobile users. We can also add responsive design to your existing website.


We praise usable and clean websites. Our personnel uses cognitive science, Nielsen heuristics, ux research and design patterns to deliver highly usable content.

eye eye


Watch out, you are being watched in the jungle. Also in the digital domain, the monitoring is important. With leading industry tools we can deliver information about your website visitors. We can also help you to offer better website experience and conversion. We can help you with analyzing e-commerce checkout process and dynamic ad campaigns. We specialize in Google Analytics, Adwords and AdSense.

Web Technology



We have wide experience with the newest CSS language and you can expect clean results working in every browser. We can even use bare CSS for simple game design for mobile and desktop browsers.


We develop with jQuery library, which is the most popular javascript framework. We can build one page frontends, ajax functionalities and animations. We also take advantage of many other open source libraries like Modernizr, ThreeJS and CreateJS.



We can build web application frontends with HTML5 and use HTML5 elements to provide semantic order for certain elements. With HTML5, we can utilize location information, offline processing and interactive graphics and sound. Game design with HTML5 is also our cup of tea.

Content Management Systems

We'll help you to choose the best cms for your needs. We are familiar with Wordpress, Drupal, Magento and Opencart. We also offer education and training for our customers.



WordPress is the leading CMS with over 60 million websites. Wordpress is easy to use and modify to fill special needs. Qmea delivers responsive Wordpress design with fresh graphics design.

Social Media

Modern company understands the business value of social media. Facebook, Tumblr and other social media plays an important part in people's lives nowadays. We can help you to form a sensible social media strategy, find out the best niche sites for your brand and deliver high class content. We can also integrate the social media to your website.

We also monitor the social media activity and popularity locally and globally to find the best marketing channels for our customers.

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